Letter From The Editor


I honestly didn’t expect to be writing one of these. As a visual journalism major, my journalistic focus in the past has been more on photos, videos and trying to not write. So, stepping into the Editor-in-Chief role has been quite the change. My goal is to bring the same passion and commitment to this job as I have for journalism as a whole.

I have been the Assistant Editor at the AS Review for the last two quarters, so I’ve had the unique opportunity to see the kinds of stories that our writers tend to tell. Stories about cultural heritage dinners, protests, and AS board members being recalled are just a few, as I’m sure you have read (hopefully).

I’m here to tell you that we are going to deliver the same quality news as we did for the last two quarters and hold ourselves to the same standards we did before. If you feel like we haven’t met those, email me and let’s talk.

Our staff had a great upheaval at the end of last quarter. Three writers and Erasmus Baxter, the former EIC, had to leave due to increasing school demands and graduating seniors. They will all be missed, for sure.  

As you will see in the rest of this issue, however, there are three new names among the bylines. We were lucky enough to hire three great writers who hit the ground running at the beginning of the quarter to bring you the paper you hold in your hands! (Or the online version, it’s ok if that’s the case).

As the transition to our new roles continues, with me becoming EIC and our former writer, Soleil de Zwart becoming Assistant Editor, I’d like to encourage y’all to make your voices heard through us. The AS Review serves as a voice for the community of Western and we would really like to continue do that. If you have a story idea, an opinion article, guest submission or just want to give us feedback, email us at AS.Review.Editor@wwu.edu. We appreciate any and all of the feedback we can get.

This paper has been the home of many stories, journalists and students. It’s my goal to keep it that way for the rest of this year.


Jacob Carver